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To start a business

To start a new business is fun and exciting. At the same time, there are a lot of factors to consider and a lot of decisions to make. To succeed from the very start, it is wise and safe to have experienced consultants by your side. You can then avoid a lot of issues and avoidable costs. You get a stable foundation for your newly started business.


Talenom offer tailored economic solutions for small and middle sized businesses. We help you make the right decisions regarding the structure of your business, make a business plan, establish necessary documents, get in touch with authorities, get started with accounting etc.


Get in touch with us, we are happy to tell you more. We are happy to join you on your journey!

More on starting a business
  • Mapping of business goals
  • Evaluations of tax questions
  • Evaluation of businesswise responsibilities and obligations
  • Business structure (sole entrepreneurship, limited partnership, limited corporation
  • Establishment documents for limited corporations
  • Memorandum of association
  • Articles of association
  • Minutes of board meetings
  • Stock list and shareholder lists
  • Registration in the Commercial register
  • Handing in the requested registration documents to the register administrated by Swedish Tax Agency Skatteverket
  • Acts as the costumer’s representative in the commercial register and transactions of Skatteverket
  • Advices to entrepreneurs in practical matters during the process
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To be costumer at Talenom is key to success

1. Well planned and coordinated

2. Information to the management team

3. Effective, automatic processes

4. Personal contact person

5. Electronic services easy to use