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Web-based Software

Web based Software 

We have a partnership with Fortnoxthe leading market actor in digital accounting in Sweden. Digital and effective processes together creates a good costumer communication with high quality services. Through a developed system, we can generate good follow-up and reports beneficial for every company. Our experience and concern gives our costumers a stable cooperation increasing changes to a successful business. 


Much of the accounting material required is collected by Talenom. The material needed from the costumer is admitted digitally. All of our costumers have their own accounting team to turn to. This involves consultants with good knowledge of the software, and during office hours there is always someone in the team you can get in touch with.


We handle the accounting for you online. You of course also have access to the online accounting system, which gives you the option of logging in to get an economic overview whenever you need it.  The accounting program is easy to understand, and very user-friendly.  Thanks to us both having access to the online accounting system, we can more easily give you the support that you need. 


In the online accounting program, you can for example: 
  • Create costumer invoices 
  • Attest provider’s invoices 
  • Read reports 
  • Find the necessary accounting material
  • Create quotations, order confirmations and delivery notes
  • Simple payroll management
  • Warehouse solutions
  • Receipt management
  • Automatic payment service
  • Time record
  • Plant register
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