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Mobile Applications

The handling of receipts and travel expenses often take a lot of time to administrate. Fortnox therefore has developed an app that makes handling receipts and travel expenses simple and easy.



Snap a picture of a receipt with your mobile phone or upload the receipt if you received it via e-mail e.g. and add information about the expense.


Travel mileage allowance and daily allowance

In the application the user also reports travel expenses, e.g. mileage allowance and daily allowance. You can state information about the purpose of the trip, information about time and rout, etc.


Attest and disbursement

If the attestation flow has been uploaded, registered receipts and travel expenses will then be transferred digitally to person responsible for attestation before they are sent to the accounting team. Confirmed expenses are paid monthly in connection with normal payroll run.


Simple, right?


The application is named “Fortnox Kvitto & Resa”. Download the App here:



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