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TALENOM was founded in Finland 1972, and has since gone on to grow to a leading actor in digital accounting. In May 2019 the first step to expand their business outside of Finland was taken. We then started establishment in Sweden by acquiring a already existing accounting firm in Stockholm.


The goal is to further build on what has worked successfully in Finland and help entrepreneurs in Sweden to develop their businesses. We care about our costumers and our employees, and it is very important for us that all of us are well.


Talenom has three core values that affects all of our activities and how we treat our costumers:


  • COURAGE To have your own business requires courage. To successfully run your business, one have to be brave to be innovative and act according to ones own conviction. Things does not have to be done in a certain way just because it has always been done in that way. You need courage to brave enough to change things for the better. This attitude is the core when developing and expanding your business.
  • Care We understand it can be tough to run your own business, to be an entrepreneur. Talenom can here play a major part by supporting, coaching and just being there for our clients. That way we can simplify as much as possible. When cooperating with Talenom, our clients have a reliable partner who are there by their side in ups and downs.
  • WILL If you are to succeed with your business, there has to be a strong determination and belief in what you do. By constantly trying and actively looking for development potential, chances increases for a successful entrepreneurship. Every experience, be it one that has led to improvement or not, is valuable, and it is something to keep in mind when facing the next task.

An expression we use is “the joy of trying”, which reflects the goal to constantly try to improve, to be better than we were yesterday. For Talenom, our clients are always in the center of what we do, and we do al we can to provide the best service possible you deserve and are in need of. This results in happy entrepreneurship.