Ownership restructuring


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Ownership restructuring

Are you about to sell your business, or just a part of it? Is it time for transfer of property to the younger generation? Or are you interested in acquiring a business?


Restructuring and acquisitions involves many steps and decisions to make. For example, assessment and analysis on the value of the company, business negotiations, target analysis, shape of purchase agreement and contract, restructuring and tax counseling.


These major changes require careful planning, structure and clear goals. It is essential to have experienced consultants who can give good advices. Here at Talenom, you have a partner with many years of experience of ownership restructurings. We make sure all the steps are processed effectively, seamlessly and in a professional way according to applicable legislation.


We also have rich experience working with family businesses. When transferring property to the younger generation, we understand the business part of it, but also the importance of the part the family plays.


Ownership structure

Is the structure of your business you own optimized? We look over the structure of your business today and can thereafter give you suggestions on how to improve. This can lead to better business structure from different perspectives like taxes, risks and finances.


Some of the benefits:

  • You minimize the economic risk
  • Accumulated gains can be secured higher up in the business structure.
  • Simplifies the possibility to bring shareholders in to the business.


Shareholders agreement

If your business have multiple shareholders, we then strongly recommend to establish a shareholders agreement. A shareholders agreement lays the foundation for a lasting cooperation that accounts to solutions for situations and questions that arise during your shared ownership.


We can guide you through this process and establish an agreement tailored to your needs and your business.


Some of the benefits:

  • Creates more security in your shared ownership.
  • If any part cannot fulfil its parts, this clarifies the necessary measures.
  • You can anticipate future conflicts by having clear rules for how different situations are to be handled if they should occur.
  • A clear method of valuation to apply if a shareholder were to be changed.


Sole proprietorship or limited corporation

If you have a business as sole proprietorship, it could be beneficial to covert to a limited corporation. Talenom can through calculations show different corporate forms to the costumer, and also which form would be most profitable according to the scale of the business. This conversion process includes different steps, and require careful planning to be processed in the right way.


Some of the benefits:

  • More beneficial private taxation
  • Simplifies the division between private and business economy.
  • More opportunities to build a capital and save for the future.


Transfer of property to younger generation

If you have a business, and want to transfer property to the younger generation, this requires planning. If this is carried out in a structured well-thought manner, this process will be very beneficial for both parties involved. We can help you with advising and can explain how tax wise, different situations affect you and what your options are.


Some of the benefits:

  • You gain control on the taxation consequences involved in the transfer.
  • You receive help with the agreements and documents needed.
  • We look after the challenges businesswise and familywise in this type of transfer.


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