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Judicial services 

Some matters require the help of judicial experts. Therefore, we are working together with counselors specialized in business legislation, tax law and contract law regarding smaller businesses.  

Together, we make sure the structure of the business is suitable and effective for its current phase of development. We also make sure that laws are followed and that necessary contracts exist. This all gives you security in your business and the right tools to face future challenges.  


Company law and contract 


It is not unusual for businesses to stumble upon different judicial challenges and other situations hard to deal with. It is important to work with judicially binding contracts, enabling you to focus on your core business. Other judicial problems could be deliveries you never received, the responsibility of the board of directors, questions regarding transfer of property to the younger generation or other questions regarding transfer of ownership. You have professional help to your disposal, and you only pay for what you need, when you need it.  


  • Shareholder’s agreement
    • Talenom strongly recommends all their clients to have a shareholder’s agreement should there be more than one stockholder. This agreement regulates possible situations that could occur and how to act when the situation rises. This gives safety and clarity for stockholders and reduces risk of conflicts. Talenom has years of experience establishing these agreements and can guide clients through the process of establishing an agreement tailored to the needs of the client. A well-developed shareholder agreement provides a good foundation to reach the common goals set for the company.  


  • Transfer agreement
    • A transfer agreement can comply of many hard-defined paragraphs of text. We have the experience of reading and understanding these masses of texts, and to establish these types of agreements. Talenom can help clients to understand an obtained proposal of agreement or to establish a proposal of agreement on behalf of the client.  


Family law 


  • Premarital settlement
    • Divorce can lead to dire consequences for a business’ continued activities. In a premarital settlement, the parts involving economy and company law are very important to investigate, to retain a measure of safety regarding the continued operation of the business.  


  • Testament
    • Through careful planning and consideration, some company resources may have to be registered as private property, for the business to go unaffected after a divorce. This is a very important step, and in some cases even a requirement, for the company’s continued operations, according to an established shareholder agreement between stockholders.  


  • Official documents of Gifts
    • Within a family, it is very common for resources to be transferred to another family member as an act of donation. Talenom can establish these documents and state the advantages and possible consequences this can have 
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