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Business Counseling  

As a business owner, situation may arise that require special effort to reach the desired result. This does not have to do with the day to day accounting work, but rather specific services are involved because of a specific need. The costumer can at any time get in touch with his accounting team and bounce ideas about the situation. According to the existing need, we can then quickly understand if that is something we can help you solve.


Here are a few examples of advising services we offer our costumers. We can also help out with things not mentioned here, so it is always important to ask us. In most of the cases, we have the competence to handle the matters. But if we were to lack that competence in a specific area, we take use of expert consultants to help us. As your accountant we get a very good picture of your company’s economy. That enables us to help you in a variety of aspects, from simple economic questions to advanced strategy, how to make things more effective, optimizing and developing your company.  


Talenom offera variety of advising services to our customers. We want to be the natural choice of partnership in all economic matters, both those related to the activities of your company, but also the one’s with a more private nature.  


Our advisers have many years of experience from a variety of branches, companies and fields. When combined, our experience makes it easy for us to understand your situation, and together with you, we can find optimal solutions that suits your company and you as an owner.  


Whenever you want to, you can schedule an advising meeting with one of our advisors 


Consultant Services
  • Payroll or dividend
  • Extra dividend
  • Shareholder contribution
  • Business protocol / Board minutes
  • Promissory note
  • Deed of gift
  • Start a new limited corporation.  
  • Balance sheet for liquidation purposes
  • Profitability
  • Budget 
  • Changes in the articles of association
  • Investment calculation 
  • Testaments
  • Premarital settlement 
  • Tax field audit


Business Counseling
  • Ownership structure
  • Shareholder agreement
  • Assessment of your company 
  • Transfer of property to the younger generation 
  • New issue of shares / issue of bonus shares
  • Sole proprietorship or limited corporation
  • Liquidate business
  • Pension or Investment
  • Key person of the company
  • Transfer of shares
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