Costumer invoices and costumer payments 


With Talenom Costumer Invoice Service, you as costumer can create and send costumer invoices directly from your accounting system. You can also connect attachments to the invoice if you wish to do so. The system has its own invoice service that can be used, which means the system has surveillance over the costumer invoice and books payments, and also sends reminders when payments have not been made. You can also sell or loan your invoices for quicker access to liquidity.  


Costumer invoices can be sent to costumers as E-invoice, PDF-invoice or by mail. Talenom handles daily briefs of payments and match them with sent invoices. This means a continuously updated sales ledger and therefore full control on unpaid passed due date invoices.   


If the costumer uses a pre-system, this will be integrated with our system. The invoice material can then be exported to the system, that then generates the real invoices that will be sent to the costumer.  


That the world is becoming more and more digitalized is evident. One example of that is that on April 1st, 2019, it was decided that, if you have costumers in the public sector, e-invoice should be used.  


To invoice is something that many people feel is both time- and energy consuming. As an entrepreneur, you surely have a lot of more important tasks to deal with, rather than dealing with invoices. It requires your attention to stay updated with all the paperwork, sending the invoices, staying updated on when you receive the money. If there are any delays, you will need to send reminders or debt collection demands, which is unnecessary and expensive for the company. It is also easy to fall behind schedule, or even to forget things. This is something you can leave behind – let us take care of that! 

Central features of the service
  • Make the best use of your time. Lessen the time you spend on manually handling costumer invoices but get the same amount of work done.
  • No more need to handle reminders or debt collections.
  • Control. You have full control, able to follow along on the entire costumer invoice flow and results online.
  • Save time by not having to wait for the invoice to come to your mailbox, arrange them in different folders, just to hand them over to an accounting company.
  • No need to be dependent on your location. Wherever you are, if only you are connected to the internet, you can stay updated on your costumers’ invoices.
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