One of the most important things for us as an accounting form is that you as a costumer feel safe with us. We want to be your natural partner in all financial matters. Therefore, we think it is important to have regular communication with you as our costumer. You should feel free to contact us whenever questions arise.


Our relations are build on good communication. Vi understand the importance of you as a business owner need support and someone to exchange ideas regarding your business. The services we provide and the way we operate gives our costumers rooms to exchange those ideas with us. It is very important for us that our costumers feel that this possibility exists.


Our communication is also to ensure that our costumers have understood the economic reports that shows the overview of the business. These reports can be very hard to understand if one is not used to work with economy. We are clear and present the reports in a way that the costumer fully understands the reports.


These are the services we prioritize and want our costumers to appreciate and benefit from. Through our concept of meeting structure and follow-up calls, we are staying in touch and can pick things up that are relevant for you. This leads to a good cooperation where we ensure you the help and support that you need. This page explains how we want to work with that communication.




Your team of accounting consultants  

With us you have your own dedicated team of accounting consultants as your contact persons. This team consists of at least one accounting consultant, a costumer manager and a payroll consultant. So it is not only one contact person you get. It means that there is always someone on your team available, even during illness or vacation.


We are experts on your industry. 

Our accounting consultants work industry-specificThis means that we know your rights, obligations and regulations in your particular industry. So you always get up-to-date support and help. 


Regular reporting and follow-up 

Our communication with you includes regular reporting and follow-up, so you can stay updated on your business in real time. The balance sheet and earnings report is emailed to you on an agreed reporting day once per month. In connection with the report, a person from the accounting team will contact you by phone for a briefing on the results of the report.

In addition, we have up to 3 meetings with you per year. This includes a semi-annual meeting, a meeting for the financial statements and an annual meeting.

At these meetings we go through your current business, do follow-ups, needs-analyses, etc. to help you move forward with your business.


Business Counseling

In addition to thisyou can always get qualified counseling in many different areas with usThere may be special needs during certain times. If you need advice, you can get more information about which additional service best suits your needs and the charges for that.


Read more about our advisory services under Business Counseling 

Communication with Talenom means:  
  • Personal and industry-specific team. You have your own team of accounting consultants, all experts on your industry 
  • Control. You have constant control over how your business is going.  
  • PunctualityWe work with fixed dates when you receive reports from us. Financial follow-upYou will receive continuous follow-ups with advices and observations. 
  • CouncelingYou have the opportunity to get qualified advice in many different areas. 
  • Manned telephone exchangeDuring business hourswe are available to answer your questions. 
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